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About us

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Basics - What is PUS-Basket?
PUS-Basket is the basketball team of Aalto University School of Science (former Helsinki University of Technology) from Espoo, Finland.

Background - What does PUS stand for?
PUS stands for Polyteknikkojen Urheiluseura (Polytechnician's Sport Club), which was founded in 1910 for University's all sport operations. PUS-Basket itself was founded 1981, so we will celebrate our 30-year journey this season. Besides basketball, PUS has also e.g. ice hockey and volleyball teams.

Level - In which level PUS-Basket plays?
We play in the Southern 2nd division, which is the highest regional level. 2nd division is an amateur level, where the longest distances between teams are ca. 100 km, though 8 of 13 teams are from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

Players - Who plays in the team?
Almost all our players are studying in Otaniemi or have recently graduated, age scale being 20-30. We have also had a few exchange students in our team. In any case, if the level of our team seems appropriate for you, feel free to contact us via e-mail, pusbasket(a)list.ayy.fi.

Locations - Where does the team practice?
Though the University is in Otaniemi, we practice and play our home games in Leppävaaran liikuntahalli, Espoo. Practice times and locations can also be found from the main page.

Other teams - Where can I find lower-level teams?
If you are looking for less competitive basketball nearby Otaniemi, Unisport arranges open basketball shifts for all Aalto students in various campus locations every week. Note that there is also a Aalto basketball league for degree programs of Aalto (also cross-program teams welcome). For teams in Helsinki, there is e.g. a Helsinki University -based team called Jaguaarit, who play in the 4th division and practice on Thursdays in Kumpula campus (more info: pekka.launonen(a)helsinki.fi).

Women's team - Does PUS-Basket have a women's team?

Unisport is also gathering a women's basketball team (contact alexandra.niemi(a)aalto.fi).