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SELL Games

SELL Student Games is a multisport event that is open for all university and college students all over the world. The name of the games are according to the first letters of the hosting countries, Finland (Suomi), Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Nowadays the games gather together around 1800-2000 students.

We have participated for two years in a row: 2008 in Otaniemi and 2009 in Jelgava, Latvia. In 2010 the games were hosted at Tartu, Estonia, and in 2011, the games will be held at Kaunas, Lithuania.

SELL Games 2008

In Otaniemi we had 6 games of which we won only 2, but we still ended up 4th (of 11 teams) by winning the right games. Our team consisted of Atte, Jaakko L, Jaakko M, Mikko, Tommi, Tuomo and visiting players Antti Koivisto, Antti Niskanen, Jouko Heiskanen, Jussi Airas.

Game pictures from 2008 SELL Games in Otaniemi can be found here.

SELL Games 2009

In Jelgava we had 5 games and lost only one of them, but it was the wrong one, so we ended in the 9th place (of 12 teams). We had 6 PUS players (Atte, Jaakko, Jouko, Markus, Tero, Tuomo) and added guys Anselmi Vanjoki, Antti Koivisto, Ilkka Heiskanen and Teemu Rintala.

SELL Games 2010

We participated in SELL Games also in 2010, 21.5-23.5 in Tartu, Estonia. The home page of 2010 games can be found here. We weren't lucky in the group lottery: only 2 teams advanced from the preliminary round, and in our group were teams which ended up 1st and 3rd in the whole tournament.

Our roster: PUS-players Antti, Atte, Ilkka, Jaakko, Jouko, Markus, Raul & Tero + Additions: Antti Niskanen & Teemu Rintala

SELL Games 2011

This year's SELL Games were held in Kaunas, Lithuania, 13.5-15.5. The official web page of the '11 games show the participated teams and results. The gold medal went for the 3rd time to Lithuanian Vytautas Magnus University, which won the European Universities Basketball Championship last summer.

Our roster (8): PUS-players Jouko, Markus, Olavi, Tero & Vito + Ex-PUS Antti + new PUS-player Henri Laakso + EBT-visitor Tuomas Seppälä. In addition, Jaakko (ankle injury) joined us as a coach. As our team did not have any over 190cm players, we lost 3 out of 4 games, finishing in positions 13-16. Check the tournament report (in Finnish) and game pictures.

SELL Games 2012

The next SELL Games will be held 17.5-20.5.2012 in Otaniemi. We will try to defend our 4th position from the last time the games were held in Finland. The home page of the 2012 games can be found here.

The Aalto University Sports Club plans to expand the games even further: there will be more events than previous years, 16 in total. Also, the attendance from Finnish universities has been quite low, so if the marketing is targeted correctly, we might see one of the biggest games in SELL history.

SELL Games 2008, 4. place (6 games, 2 wins)

SELL Games 2009, 9. place (5 games, 4 wins)

SELL Games 2010, 9. place (3 games, 1 win)

SELL Games 2010, 9. place (3 games, 1 win)

SELL Games 2011, 13-16. place (4 games, 1 win)

SELL Games 2012, held in May 2012